Our approach is simple, through years of experience and networking Emergence Technology Advisory Group has developed a simple a four-phase process moving from initial assessment, to planning, through implementation, and finally evaluation. For Emergence, this is a continuous process with each step impacting the next.
Evaluation is the one step that is constant throughout the process, which allows us to make course corrections as evolving factors and situations dictate. This allows us the greatest flexibility to meet your company's goals. We can provide this support for a finite period of time or we can be hired on as a continues contract thus boosting areas in a company such as sales or purchasing at a fraction of the cost it would take for maintain a full time set of employees.
Emergence believes in the formulation of a comprehensive plan that looks to all sectors of the economy. Thus our plan will examine both domestic and international markets as well covering a broad spectrum of industries both public and private.


One such example is the Shot Placement Finder, manufactured by Raytheon/BBN Technologies. As government funding for this project became limited, a new strategy was developed to exploit the commercial sector in order to compensate for lost funding. This not only allowed for the survival of the program, but also expansion to previously untapped overseas markets.
Emergence, in its early form of RAS Consulting Group was instrumental in negotiating the recent acquisition of Nanocomp Technologies by Huntsman. Nanocomp, a worldwide leader in the production of advanced carbon nanotube material, needed capital and a larger market base to expand.
Emergence assisted Nanocomp leadership find the proper company, Huntsman, with whom to partner, and then develop a plan that benefited both parties. This maintained the independent status of Nanocomp as a subsidiary of Hunstsman, while giving Huntsman access to cutting edge advanced materials.
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